Are you planning to worship with us?

You are certainly welcome to Immanuel AGC !

But we know that visiting a new place for the first time can be difficult.  You are not sure what door to enter, you are not sure how to dress, or how to act, or what kind of music we use in the church.

Let's see if we can answer some of your questions:

What kind of service do you conduct?

There are many types of church services, both formal and informal, and our service is a mix of both, but leans towards the informal.

What happens in the service?

We usually start with a number of songs that are easy to learn and easy to sing, someone leads the group in prayer.  Then there are announcements of coming events that may be of interest to people, and often a choir will sing or there will be some other special music.

An offering is taken (no one will pressure you for money) for the church's expenses and ministries, and then there is a message or sermon by one of the pastors.

After that we often sing another song, have a closing prayer, and the service is over.

It usually lasts about an hour and a half.

Will I be pressured for money?

Absolutely not.  While we do take an offering, no one will pressure you to give.  We ask each person to give as the Lord enables them to do so.

Will I have to stand up and introduce myself?

Not if you don't want to.  While we do recognize our first time visitors, you don't have to say anything unless you want to give some brief greetings and introduction.

Which door should I enter?

If you are arriving before the service begins, you can use either the main entrance (near the street) or the side entrance (near the car park).  Once the service begins, you would probably want to use the main entrance so you come into the back of the church.

Are there toilets on the church compound?

Yes, the church has very modern toilets behind the church building.   You will find them clean, and well stocked with supplies.

What about Holy Communion?

We do celebrate Holy Communion once every month.  We practice an "open" communion where all believers are invited to participate. You do not need to be a member of our local church, but you do need to be in a right relationship with the Lord.