There are a lot of people in our community and beyond who need someone to share the love of God with them.  And, at times we even have to use words!

The Outreach Ministry trains and coordinates our efforts to be witnesses in our community through the effective and kind sharing of our faith and through practical deeds that show that we care.

We believe that strong families are the key to a strong society.

So we work hard on providing a full programme of activities for every age group of the family.

We work really hard at this!

And, it pays off!  You see a lot of smiling children and youth at Immanuel, and a lot of smiling parents.  With a support system like this, families really do have a chance to not just survive in this rapidly changing culture, but to actually thrive!

But, it's work.  Really hard work.  And well worth it.

Make sure that your children are taking full advantage of what Immanuel has to offer.

And, whether you are a single parent, or married, there are ministries for you, too!   Let us share the amazing love of God with your family, and there will be a lot more smiling faces and laughs at your house, too.