Most of the time, we can handle what life throws at us fairly well.  Or, at least we usually think we can!

But, there are times when we need someone to assist us.  Perhaps it is just to listen to us and to help us explore what is in our heart in a safe and supportive environment.  Perhaps we need someone to give us counsel as we work to resolve internal conflicts and past hurts that are limiting our ability to enjoy life to the full.

Immanuel AGC counseling ministry is a professional healing ministry that practices a Christian approach to counseling that is psychologically thoughtful and confidential for personal, marriage and family problems. Our Biblically sound Christian counseling begins with the principles of God’s holiness. The goal of Christian counseling is to help hurting people discover a path to recovery through the teachings of Scripture. We have qualified Christian counsellors who undergo training to guide those going through the difficult time and they do it with understanding, warmth and compassion.